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VPS Hosting

Expect More From Your Website or App

Choose a fine-tuned Managed VPS Hosting solution!

Managed VPS Hosting Plan

Big or small, webiset or application - we have a VPS configuration for you.

cPanel Control Panel
Easy Site Transfer
Money Back Guarantee
50% OFF (was $49.99)
Storage: 75 GB
Transfer: 2 TB
Cores: 4 Cores
cPanel Control Panel: Free
Site Transfer: Free
Money Back Gurantee: Anytime
50% OFF (was $69.99)
Storage: 100 GB
Transfer: 3 TB
Cores: 6 Cores
cPanel Control Panel: Free
Site Transfer: Free
Money Back Gurantee: Anytime
50% OFF (was $99.99)
Storage: 150 GB
Transfer: 4 TB
Cores: 8 Cores
cPanel Control Panel: Free
Site Transfer: Free
Money Back Gurantee: Anytime
HostGuard Managemet Features
HostGuard Managemet Features
HostGuard Managemet Features

Why Choose VPS Server Hosting?

Virtual Private Server is one of the most prominent and easy-to-use hosting services. It uses virtualization technique to provide you with the dedicated private unique facilities on a server that is accompanied with many users. It comes with more customizable features and provides your website the needed security to protect it. It adds to the natural functioning and offers scalability to businesses. You can start with the minimum resources and as and when you require certain resources to upgrade, you can easily go for it.


Dedicated resources

The obstacle for shared hosting clients is that on the off chance that one client winds up utilizing resources concentrated application or is getting a ton of traffic, at that point other shared hosting clients in the equivalent physical server get less resources to work with. This leads to not being able to use certain resources or slow loading of websites.This is certifiably not a helpful situation for developing sites, particularly business sites. With VPS, a physical server is likewise shared, be that as it may, each VPS is apportioned distinct resources that can't be used by another VPS.



It is a very cost-effective hosting type than the regular dedicated server. As you are paying only for the features that you would use, it proves to be an effective and adequate hosting server. It provides with the exclusive resources within an affordable price range to use it efficiently.


Complete control

A VPS hosting offers you a complete control. It gives you the customization facilities to cater to your individualistic needs and preferences. As VPS is a private server, you have full control over what applications you want to run on your server. As you do not share your space with others, you get complete access to the operating system which has the dedicated resources for you to explore.

Fastest cPanel VPS Hosting

Need more resources than a Web Hosting account, but aren't quite ready for a Dedicated Server? Our high performance Managed VPS Hosting is the perfect solution. Experience the power and isolation of a VPS expertly combined with the easy-to-use cPanel control panel. Choose our Turbo Boost VPS featuring up to 20X faster page loads than competing hosts.

With 100% worry-free Host Guard management, your VPS features managed software, hardware, network, security, and no headaches! Rely on our 24/7/365 Guru Support team. If there's a problem, we'll swoop into action before you're even aware of it. They'll even make sure your VPS is ultra-reliable, backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment!

20x Faster

Up To 20X
Faster Servers

Giv your site a boost! Host on our fined-tuned, blazing fast turbo server option.

Guru Crew

Guru Crew

Our team of friendly support expert are here around teh clock if you need help!

ultra reliable

Ultra-Reliable Servers

Depend on Keplersoft! Your account is bakcend by our 99.9% Uptime commitment.

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Experinece The Keplersoft Today!

Here are just a few of the benefits you'll experience at Keplersoft that make us better than the rest!

faster server

Up to 20X
Faster Servers

Our exclusive Turbo Server option offers you the fastest hosting experience!

Guru Crew Support

Guru Crew

Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is available 24/7/365 to help!

free account migration

Free Account

Our team can move your site to Keplersoft for free in most cases!

Money Back Guarantee

Anytime Money
Back Guarantee

Give our high speed hosting service a try completely risk free!

Uptime commitment

99.9% Uptime

Keplersoft is the host you can depend on with ultra-reliable servers!

Developer Friendly Hosting

Just a few ways we make your life easier...

Developer Friendly

As a developer needs no hindrance and access to private space to explore their potential, using VPS is the major path through which they can achieve this. As the bandwith, disk space, RAM and other things are not shared as is with the case with shared hosting, a developer has the freedom and opportunity to run the website catered to their requirements. It also provides with high security to protect your files and applications that are very important for any developer.

High Performance

It offers great reliability to upscale your performance by providing you with the distinct dedicated resources for your use. With more resources committed altogether to your business needs, you show signs of improvement server execution. Improved processing capacity and capability increases your site's loading optimal speed which improves search engine traffic, ranking, access to more qualified leads and potential customers for your business.

Moreover, it will mean any procedures you run on your server will likewise run speedier and have less effect on different tasks occurring. Your site won't run gradually, for instance, while you back up your documents or files.


As VPS is user-friendly and comes with all the major facilities, It offers maximum flexibility and efficiency for a user to use it without any issue or burden. Without the complexity of managing the hardware and no need of being tech savvy, VPS is the ideal hosting for businesses or individuals looking to broaden their horizon with least cost. As VPS runs its own Operating System independent of the other, it does not provide any load and is easily accessible.

Fully Managed

On the off chance that you thought upgrading to a VPS implied dealing with your own server, you'll be satisfied to realize that we as a customer-driven hosting company oversee VPS hosting where we attempt this duty for your benefit. We will also keep up and update your equipment, the virtualisation programming and your working framework. We will likewise apply any security fixes for your benefit. All your hardware work is done by our expert professionals to make you burden-free from this management process.

Best Managed VPS Host

Are you in a search for a dedicated VPS hostingcompany that is fully compatible with your needs and suits your business administration process? We are glad your search ends here. We provide the best high quality performance driven and a complete control over hosting service. With 100% facilities offered for an effective hosting of your website and a 24/7 customer support to solve your every issue, you can select us as your perfect web hosting partner. A reliable and a competent hosting company that offers you a potent and strong server provider for your business. Give your website the necessary upscale it needs to meet your business demands and objectives by availing to our VPS web hosting service.

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